Tally SMS Module

In this highly competitive scenario, it becomes vital for any business to connect with its customers, employees, vendors and its entire eco system at any time. Systech TallySMS provides you with this cutting edge utility by delivering key messages as SMS alerts, in a simple, flexible and effective manner.

There are 3 types of messaging done here :

Bulk SMS Notificatons :

  • Send messages to a select group of people to notify a key information
  • Engage with your customer by constantly updating him about your business
  • Remove undesired numbers from the group
  • For example informing your customers about arrival of a new machine, your new showroom or even about a holiday

Transactional SMS :

  • Send message to your customer / vendor on a transaction
  • Option of Send-SMS-Yes-or-No for each transaction
  • For example informing dispatch details of a sale, Purchase order, Payment receipt notifications, etc.,

Pre-defined notifications :

  • Pre-define a scenario which triggers an sms automatically
  • For example Daily bank balance, daily sales, payment collections, etc., critical Stock re-order alerts to your stores
  • Employee birthday greetings

While the first two types come as default capabilities, the last one is customized exactly with respect to the customer requirements.


  • Absolute Tally Technology
  • User configurable
  • User defined SMS templates
  • Security Control
  • SMS credits need to be bought
  • Fully automatic
  • User defined template setting


  • Stay in touch with your Customers, always
  • Connects one or more people at a time
  • Saves lot of time and money
  • 100% peace of mind