Search Engine Optimization is the important factor improve the website visitors as well as the sales and business to the company.Because It only help to improve the lead generation process and improve the company level as high.Search engine optimization is the optimization of a website in order to reach higher positions for your website for your desired keywords. At Guj Infotech Technologies, as the best SEO services company, We offer quality optimization including key words research in order to get your site to the top. By optimizing your websites content structure along with off-site optimization we can gain you better results.

Our SEO Services:

      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Search Engine Marketing
      • Link Building Services
      • Pay per click Marketing
      • Moblie SEO Services
      • Social Media Promotion
      • SEO friendly web design
      • Rank Recovery Services







Search engines are the  top methods people use   to find everything they want through online. Being listed for and achieving a top ranking for relevant keywords can deliver a significant stream of prospects that are actively looking for the kinds of products or services you offer. Search engines have the unique ability to connect with prospects at the exact moment they’re researching a product or service to buy; they want to find your business,so make sure they can!

Guj Infotech do provide these SEO services to make sure your business website to be found on search engines.


SEM-Search Engine Marketing

SEO Services:

You don’t need to know anything about Google or web marketing strategy to take advantage of our services. Our marketing team will talk you through the process.

      • Flexible and effective search advertising
      • Online marketing experts
      • Outstanding service
      • No website needed
      • Any number of winning phrases

Reasons to choose Search Engine Easy:

Next, you must ensure that the millions of internet users and thousands of potential customers see your website, when making enquiries through the search engines.

Now a days, there are numerous search engine marketing tactics that can be used to drive people to your website.When we talk about search engine marketing, we mean the use of paid advertising – just as you might by an advert in a magazine or trade publication. The difference is, that whilst many of the people who see your traditional advert may have no interest in what you are selling at that time, Internet advertising can be targeted to those people who are actively looking to buy. Search engine marketing takes many forms, including buying advertising space on other websites, and using Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google (Google Adwords) and other major search engines.

      • PPC Marketing
      • Get a measurable return from your marketing budget
      • Expand into new markets
      • Compete effectively against bigger, more established businesses
      • Promote your business locally, nationally and even internationally
      • Connect with customers when they’re making a buying decision
      • React quickly to changes in your marketplace or in buying behaviors
      • Rank Recovery Services

Guj Infotech is an experienced SEO company and by using our expertise, professional SEO knowledge as well as listening to what you want to achieve we can help with increasing the profile of your website by helping it to be more visible. Progress will be monitored and plans revised where necessary.

Search engines are the top methods people use to find everything they want through online. Being listed for and achieving a top ranking for relevant keywords can deliver a significant stream of prospects that are actively looking for the kinds of products or services you offer. Search engines have the unique ability to connect with prospects at the exact moment they’re researching a product or service to buy; they want to find your business,so make sure they can!

Guj Infotech i do provide these SEO services to make sure your business website to be found on search engines.

SSM-Social Media Marketing

At Guj Infotech, Our expert social media marketing services can help you boost your brand’s potential, generate enquiries, and make you stand out from the crowd.Most business people have now heard of Social Media Marketing, but because of the time overhead, very few are embracing it as a strategy.

Social Media Marketing is the promotion of your products or services via things like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (pronounced Google Plus) to improve your online presence.

At our Guj Infotech,we have experience in all businesses can benefit from Social Media Marketing, but there is not just “one model” for each business to follow. The nature of social media means that each industry, each business type has to engage differently.

Social Media Marketing a success we’ll:

    • Create and customise your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube profile
    • Identify the most suitable social networking platforms for your business
    • Produce an actionable and bespoke social media strategy
    • Generate sharable content and run effective campaigns

Some of the social media systems we can use:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Flickr
  • Google places Listing
  • Google maps
  • Delicious
  • Google Calendar
  • Pinterest
  • Google Reader
  • Google plus many more


Your reputation is everything. Online reputation management services at Guj Infotech, are designed to go into the world of social media, find mentions of your brand and protect against negative brand associations.

Our online reputation management services:

Do you have an online reputation problem?

We can help! We develop custom strategies for dealing with disgruntled employees, sneaky competitors or more serious customer service concernsMaintain real-time tracking of news and trends that directly or indirectly affect your initiatives, providing you with data to inform your decisions regarding making announcements or other actions

Online reputation management, or ORM as it is becoming known, is the practice of consistent research and analysis of your business or industry reputation as it’s represented by the content across all types of online media.  So – Why do we need to manage our online reputation? Well…. if you don’t control your brand and listen to what is said about your company and your products or services, then someone else can or indeed will.

    • Reputation Management Services
    • Promote Positive Results
    • Business Review Management and Posting
    • Dilute Down Negative Results
    • Monitor and Manage Reputation
    • Online Reputation Monitoring
    • 24/7 tracking of your name, your business
    • Tracking of your Social media.
    • Monitor publicly available online information that impacts your reputation
    • Take immediate corrective action if inaccurate/damaging information appears

Provide weekly, monthly or quarterly reports that graph the tone, source and credibility of content, as well as links to all commentary and coverage that has appeared.

We restore online reputations by:

    • Creating new content
    • Pairing that content with digital, SEO and social media tools

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a technique that encompasses a number of activities which are often most effective when an integrated approach is adopted, bringing together the complementary elements.

At Guj Infotech, Our dedicated team of Search Engine Marketing(SEM) experts will develop and deliver clever SEO and PPC campaigns which blow competition out of the water.

The most successful websites need more than a cool, contemporary design. Our development team always looks for that perfect balance between design and usability. So, if you are looking for ease of maintenance, increased brand values and great user experience then we can sort it for you. At Guj Infotech, We provide quality Digital Marketing services to improve your business through online.

Key Features:

    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Pay on Results Organic
    • Pay on Results Pay Per Click
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • SEO Competitor Analysis
    • Internet Marketing Strategy
    • Search Engine Indexing
    • Web Traffic Analysis
    • Email Marketing
    • On-Page Optimisation
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Pay on Results Social Marketing
    • Cost Per Acquisition SEO
    • Pay Per Enquiry Organic SEO
    • Creative Content Marketing
    • Link Building Services
    • Website Usability Analysis

Lead Based Marketing

AT Guj Infotech, as the best SEO services provider, we provide the Lead Based Marketing for your business. If you want to generate more leads for your online business. As more leads as more sales! We offer lead-based PPC & SEO Services.

Let us assess your market, your products, customers and prospects and work with you to create bespoke campaigns that generate response and open new doors whilst maximizing your budget.

Lead management is the process of ranking a lead’s profile fit and level of interest according to a methodology agreed upon by both marketing and sales.  Leads are scored in a number of ways, assigned by points or ranked by using terms such as “hot,” “warm,” or “cold.”  At Guj Infotech, it is not only help align the right follow-up to the corresponding inquiry, it also helps marketing and sales teams identify where each prospect is in the buying process.

SEO Copy Writing

With the right SEO copywriting company, your website can make you more money.SEO copywriting is about optimizing content for search engines. It is not very difficult to do and it’s a great way to get free traffic and keep your users happy at the same time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or as we like to call it Website Optimisation is the name for the techniques used to get your website ranked high up on the list of search results for search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. These search engines score websites on a number of factors and it is important to know what these are and what you can do to get a good score and so rank higher.

SEO copywriting requires a unique style.It must be more conversational with shorter sentences. A punchier style which engages the reader.

Our SEO copywriting features include:

  • Engage Search Engines & Visitors
  • 100% Unique Copy
  • Keyword Rich & Dense
  • Smooth Transition
  • Sufficiently Researched Information

SEO Brand Management

SEO Brand Management Services

Brand management companies can give a helpful boost to any business, that wants to increase business and improve its overall corporate reputation. No matter how small or big your company, it can benefit from consultation with branding professionals. Brand Management companies, can help even tiny companies increase their revenue and gain a more secure footing in the modern marketplace. At Guj Infotech, our dedicated branding team will also help increase the effectiveness of the psychological impression your company broadcasts, is has been proven to be a very important component in all industries.

A website is essentially a must have for businesses today.  Official company websites act as virtual business cards, portals to engage customers and potential bus.

The design, layout and content of a company’s official website are outstanding ways to convey the brand image.

Specific market research might describe the size of the market, buying trends, and consumer expectations. This type of information can be an invaluable resource for businesses that are seeking ways to more effectively reach consumers through the power of their brand.

5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses

  • Have a strategy in place before taking any action
  • Build a professional website
  • Logo and slogan design
  • Networking
  • Market research

Local SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization has been more focused towards the global market. But today’s search engines are constantly evolving and determined to make searches more relevant to the customer. Hence local search marketing has grown to become a possible, effective in the overall search engine marketing sector.

Local SEO results differ from regular search engine results. If you do a search for – SEO Services Company on Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local now each have a unique ranking algorithm that considers additional variables not used when generating traditional search results. For example, when you look at most geo-targeted queries in Google, you now see local results almost always listed first.

According to our Lead marketing services company, Local search refers to searching for products and services online, but utilizing a geographical component to make the search more specific. Local search has been around for quite some time now, but it has not been until recently that local search began to gain recognition.