Revenue Generation

There are three primary methods for revenue generation:

  • Prospect generation
  • Online sales transactions
  • Advertising and referral income
  • Prospect Generation

Prospects are potential customers whose interest in your products might result in sales for you. The usage of the Prospect Generation model is amplified if you make use of the internet share more information about your products with prospects. You can do it in any manner that is most suitable to your prospect such as telephone, Email, or a face-to-face business transaction.

Sales Transactions:

Being in any business means you have something to SELL, and when you have to sell, you need to have a way to process your transactions. The Sales Transaction model is all about completing the actual sales transaction over the Internet.

Advertising and Referral Revenue

The third revenue generation model is about your referral income and how you advertise.

Everybody wants to just sit back in their chairs, comfortably in their offices, and get lots of revenue from advertising without having to do much. But as they say – no pain, no gain.

Affiliate Programs:

You might have it all – a star product, good delivery status and even an extremely appealing website, but you still might not be getting much business.

Pay-Per-Sale – Affiliates are given a certain percentage of the profits of the sales they make. Large organizations generally choose for this option.

Pay-Per-Click: You pay money to your affiliate every time someone gets to your site via any ad.

Pay-Per-Lead: Prospects click on an access point from the affiliate’s site. They fill a form, and it’s send to you. You pay money according to the number of forms forwarded your way.